John Wick Chronicles A thrilling action game in VR

John Wick is back!

Dive into a world of criminals and hit men and become the most legendary hired gun of them all as you pick up the iconic weapons of John Wick. Your experience begins at the top of the Continental Hotel with waves of enemies out for your blood.

John Wick Chronicles

John Wick is back!

John Wick Chronicles lets you play as the legendary assassin John Wick, allowing you to pick up his iconic weapons and head into the world of hired guns - all in virtual reality.

In John Wick Chronicles you’ll dive into a whole new way to experience the action, as you’ll be a part of it - and not just someone who holds the controller.
Enter the Continental Hotel, and pick up your first mission…

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Price: 149 SEK / person
Genre: Action / First Person Shooter
Number of players: 1
Length: 11 mins
Age recommendation: 13+
Headset: StarVR

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