Enterspace VR Center Stockholm

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Share the adventure, share food & drinks, share moments. Welcome to Enterspace, the best of all worlds.

Enterspace VR Center Stockholm

Enterspace VR Center Stockholm is located in the middle of Stockholm city, on Sveavägen 14. With 900 squaremeters and two stories, our center is both a VR Park and bistro and bar. You’re of course welcome to visit any of these areas independently, but we recommend you experience both to enjoy the best of all worlds all the way.

We’re located at a stone’s throw from the subway, and there’s plenty of parking nearby. The closest subway stations are either Hötorget (exit Sveavägen/Malmskillnadsgatan) or T-Centralen (exit Sergels torg).

Contact & Table Reservations

+46 (0)8 121 476 18*

Sveavägen 14
111 57 Stockholm

*Our phone hours are between 2-4 pm every day. Other hours we will answer when we're available.

Opening Hours

Mon-Tue 11am-5pm**
Wed–Thu 11am–9pm
Fri–Sat 11am–11pm
Sun 11am-7pm

**After 5 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays we are open only for bookings of larger events and conferences.

Special opening hours

21/8, 24/12, 1/1 (Closed)
25/12 (Open 11am-11pm)
26/12 (Open 11am-9pm)
31/12 (Open 11am-4pm)

VR Experiences

Ringwalker® Unveil the secrets of Saturn

Cross the edge into a new world, and challenge the frozen landscapes of Saturn with your crew! Ringwalker is a multiplayer adventure set in space in a future time. The experience brings you into a beautiful and exciting story that takes unexpected twists and turns as it inspires knowledge and awareness of our universe.

Price: 195 SEK / person | Length: 12 mins | Players: 1-3

The Raft Board The Raft, and experience the adventure of a lifetime

Something strange is lurking in the swamp and it’s up to you and your friends to investigate. In this thrilling, cooperative, multiplayer VR experience, you and friends will board THE RAFT and defend the swamp against an infestation of supernatural creeps. Grab your guns, and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Price: 195 SEK / person | Length: 10 mins | Players: 1-4

John Wick Chronicles John Wick is back!

Dive into a world of criminals and hit men and become the most legendary hired gun of them all as you pick up the iconic weapons of John Wick. Your experience begins at the top of the Continental Hotel with waves of enemies out for your blood.

Price: 149 SEK / person | Length: 11 mins | Players: 1

The Mummy: Prodigium Strike Can you save the world - and your own eternal soul?

Take to the skies in Mummy: Prodigium Strike, in pursuit of the great evil that has taken Human form as The Mummy. Recreating the iconic scene from the film, you will be tasked with joining the lead capture team as they locate and track The Mummy, hoping to stop her before she has a chance to complete her final form and fully realize her powers.

Price: 149 SEK / person | Length: 12 mins | Players: 1

Bistro & Bar

Lunch, Fika & Dinner
easy to eat, easy to take away

Wine, Beer & Food
Coffee & Take Away

Eat and drink in the best of all worlds

Sink down into our comfortable sofas and relax. Inside our lounges, you are in the best of all worlds... Shared joy means double the joy, so our menu is designed for sharing if you have company. Choose a couple of small dishes and one medium dish - or maybe two if you are hungry. The bar is fully licensed and also serves a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages. If you have allergies or have special dietary requirements, please let us know and we can create something for you.

Small dishes

Roasted almonds | 30
Potato chips, parsley & cumin | 25
Marinated olives in lemon & herbs | 45
Bread & olive oil | 25
Vegetable crudites with dips | 65
Deviled eggs | 65
3 pintxos | 75
Boiled artichoke & aioli | 105
Cheese board with biscuits & marmalade | 135
Charcuterie board | 175

Medium dishes

Watermelon with ruccola, balsamic & goat cheese | 95
Shrimps with eggs, lemon, horse radish & dill | 135
Seared salmon with black rice, avocado, tomato & chili | 155
Grilled sandwich with prosciutto, tomato & dijon cream cheese | 105
Grilled sandwich with chicken, pesto & mozzarella | 105
Pizza with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato & basil | 125
Pizza with goat cheese, beet, honey & roasted sunflower seeds | 105

Something sweet

Classic style crème brûlée | 65
Chocolate mousse with berries and hazelnuts | 65
Fruit salad with elderflower yoghurt | 65
Piece of chocolate | 35
Fika of the week | 45


Vega Medien Organic Cava | 110/420
De Vilmont Brut Premier Champagne | 139/520
Taittinger Brut Reserve Champagne | 190/720

La Vieille Ferme Blanc | 89/320
A Christmann Riesling | 129/489

La Vieille Ferme Rouge | 89/320
Dolcetto d’Alba | 129/469

Puycheric Syrah Rosé | 105/389

Beers & Ciders

Sigtuna Lager | 72
S:t Eriks IPA | 75
Budvar Premium Lager | 75

Nils Oscar Everyday Pils | 73
Chimay vit | 89
St Peter’s Cream Stout | 81
Göteborgs Starkpilsner | 78
Bitburger Premium | 75
Hoppy Joe Red Ale | 77
Stockholm Brewing India Pale Ale | 79
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier | 82
Estrella Damm Daura (glutenfri) | 79

Angry Orchard | 89


Supernova | Gin, Creme de mure, lemon | 138
Solar Flare | Rum, ginger beer, lime | 131
Ringwalker | Gin, elderflower tonic, elderflower liqueur, lemon | 136

Red Giant | Lime vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, lime | 123
Comet | Gin, lemon, mint | 124
Orbit | Ginger vodka, lime | 135
Milky Way | Raspberry vodka, Chambord, raspberry puree, cream | 135

Enterspace | Raspberry vodka, lemon, raspberry puree, 7up | 109
The FOV | Gin, Vermouth, Campari | 146
The Gaze | Bourbon, Angostura bitters, lemon, egg white | 146

Book a table

Make a table reservation for you and your friends.

For larger groups and other questions, please contact us via phone at +46 (0)8 121 476 18.

Companies & Events

Invite colleagues and partners
to an experience they won’t forget

We arrange your event, conference or kick off and you can choose to reserve part or all of Enterspace VR Center Stockholm. Together we tailor a complete and beneficial package suitable for your day. As a compliment to one or several VR experiences we can also offer:

Conference & Meetings
With everything you need for shorter or longer meetings.

Mingle with drinks and snacks.

Lunch or dinner
Two or three course menus and drink packages in our cozy bistro.

Contact our Center Manager Sara Strömgren by phone +46 (0)8 121 476 18 or email us at stockholm@enterspacevr.com and tell us how we can help.

Gift Cards

Gift cards for

A gift card for an experience at Enterspace VR Center Stockholm is the perfect gift for someone you love who loves adventures.

Via our webpage
When you purchase a gift card via our web page you first have to choose what experiences you want included. After that, choose “Purchase a gift voucher” on the bottom of the pop-up window. The gift card will be delivered to you via e-mail. Soon you will also be able to purchase a gift card for an optional amount and experience.

Via Greatdays
If you want a gift card delivered in a nicer gift box, you can also purchase different packages via our distribution partner Greatdays.
Experience VR for four
Experience VR for two
Experience singleplayer VR

Buy a gift card

Before your visit

Before your visit

In our VR Park we offer experiences in specially designed VR rooms. A VR room can take 1-4 users at the same time, depending on the experience. To find out more details about our respective experiences – content, age limit, length, price and more, please go to the VR Experiences section.

Our hosts
Have you never tried VR before? At Enterspace, our service is part of the experience, and all guests are to feel welcomed and taken care of during their visit. Our hosts will instruct and take care of you throughout the whole visit, from arrival to departure.

Be on time!
The experience starts inside the VR Park within the time interval on your ticket. Please arrive at Enterspace at least 10 minutes before your purchased time slot in order to have time to put your jacket and valuables in our lockers, visit the bathroom etc., before you enter the VR Park.

VR and alcohol
Customers who have consumed alcohol will not be allowed into our experiences. Please note that if you have purchased a ticket and are denied entry for this reason, we will not be able to give you a refund.

Make a table reservation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR?

Virtual reality (VR) can be a real or fictional environment which has been created digitally - inside this digital world, the user has their own physical presence simulated so they feel as though they really are inside the digital space.

What type of VR is offered at Enterspace?

Our experiences use VR headsets that take visitors to fictional digital worlds. This is complemented by artificial sensory cues that allow you to touch and hear within the experience. In some of our VR experiences you’ll also be able to see and interact with other users inside the virtual world.

What age should you be to experience VR at Enterspace?

Teens from 13 and upwards are welcome. Our age recommendation is based on limits set by the VR headset manufacturers, as well as what limits are commonly used in the VR entertainment industry at the moment.

What type of equipment do I wear during the experience?

All our VR experience include wearing VR headsets. To see what complimentary equipment is included in each experience, please read the detailed description for the particular experience.

Do I need special clothes or shoes?

We recommend wearing shoes without a high heel during the experience. It can be good to consider you will wear a light backpack in some of our experiences as well as wearing clothing that allows free movement. The VR headset will be worn over the head and eyes. Otherwise, you don’t need any special clothing.

I am pregnant / I have a medical condition and am not sure if VR is good for me?

We do not recommend taking part in the VR experiences if you are pregnant or have a heart condition. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor prior to your visit. Enterspace VR Center is not responsible for any illness or injury.

I wear glasses - will this work with the VR headset?

Glasses can't be worn with the VR headset. We recommend that you wear contact lenses if you can. We can adjust the VR headset a little bit, but usually not enough to fit a pair of prescription glasses / spectacles underneath.

What do I do with my outerwear and valuables during the experience?

We have a specially assigned area for outerwear, as well as lockable cabinets for storing valuables.

Can I take part if I'm alcohol-induced?

No. Customers who have consumed alcohol will not be allowed into our experiences. Please note that if you have purchased a ticket and are denied entry for this reason, we will not be able to give you a refund.

Can I take part in Enterspace experiences if I'm in a wheelchair?

Many of our experiences can be played in a wheelchair, but we reserve ourselves because our motion sensors can affect the experience somewhat. If you are unsure, call us before booking your ticket and we'll tell you more. All our facilities are accessible and disabled-friendly.

Can I get sick during the experience?

Every person experiences VR differently. We continually test our experiences to help minimize dizziness, but can’t guarantee you won’t feel dizzy. Unfortunately, we can’t offer a refund if you experience dizziness while wearing the VR headset - our on-site staff will ensure that you’re taken care of in the best possible way.

Do your experiences feature violence?

We strive to offer varied VR experiences for different ages and tastes. For more information about story lines and content, please read the detailed description for each experience.

How big are your VR rooms?

The space in each of our VR rooms is approximately 21 square meters, but the 'virtual surface' is much larger.

Are your experiences physically demanding?

For more information about storylines and content, please read the detailed description for each experience.

Can I experience VR at Enterspace if I'm just one person?

Yes. We have both single and multi-player experiences, but all experiences can be done as single-player.

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Are you a citizen of the world who loves entertainment and to do the best with the best? Are you a bit of a nerd? We want you to join us on our adventure. There's a place for you too inside the best of all worlds at Enterspace.

Contact & Table Reservations

Sveavägen 14, Stockholm

tel:+46 (0)8 121 476 18*

*Our phone hours are between 2-4pm every day. Other hours we will answer when we’re available.

Opening hours

Mon-Tue 11am-5pm**
Wed–Thu 11am–9pm
Fri–Sat 11am–11pm
Sun 11am-7pm

**After 5 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays we are open only for bookings of larger events and conferences.

Special opening hours

21/8, 24/12, 1/1 (Closed)
25/12 (Open 11am-11pm)
26/12 (Open 11am-9pm)
31/12 (Open 11am-4pm)