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Experience adventures in virtual reality with your friends.
Eat and drink in our bistro and bar.
Welcome to Enterspace, the best of all worlds.

What we are

In the best
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At our VR centers we fuse the best VR technologies with captivating and exciting storytelling. We also give you a social hub where you can hang out and enjoy good food and drinks. Welcome to Enterspace and the best of all worlds according to us: new experiences to share and remember with people you like.

VR Center

Enterspace VR Center Stockholm Experience a new type of entertainment
at Sweden's largest VR Center

Share the adventure, share food and drinks, share moments. Welcome to Enterspace, the best of all worlds.

Mon-Tue 11am-5pm
Wed–Thu 11am–9pm
Fri–Sat 11am–11pm
Sun 11am-7pm

VR Experiences

Ringwalker® Unveil the secrets of Saturn

Cross the edge into a new world, and challenge the frozen landscapes of Saturn with your crew! Ringwalker is a multiplayer adventure set in space in a future time. The experience brings you into a beautiful and exciting story that takes unexpected twists and turns as it inspires knowledge and awareness of our universe.

Price: 195 SEK / person | Length: 12 mins | Players: 1-3

The Raft Board The Raft, and experience the adventure of a lifetime

Something strange is lurking in the swamp and it’s up to you and your friends to investigate. In this thrilling, cooperative, multiplayer VR experience, you and friends will board THE RAFT and defend the swamp against an infestation of supernatural creeps. Grab your guns, and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Price: 195 SEK / person | Length: 10 mins | Players: 1-4

John Wick Chronicles John Wick is back!

Dive into a world of criminals and hit men and become the most legendary hired gun of them all as you pick up the iconic weapons of John Wick. Your experience begins at the top of the Continental Hotel with waves of enemies out for your blood.

Price: 149 SEK / person | Length: 11 mins | Players: 1

The Mummy: Prodigium Strike Can you save the world - and your own eternal soul?

Take to the skies in Mummy: Prodigium Strike, in pursuit of the great evil that has taken Human form as The Mummy. Recreating the iconic scene from the film, you will be tasked with joining the lead capture team as they locate and track The Mummy, hoping to stop her before she has a chance to complete her final form and fully realize her powers.

Price: 149 SEK / person | Length: 12 mins | Players: 1

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VR Center Stockholm

Sveavägen 14, Stockholm

tel:+46 (0)8 121 476 18*

*Our phone hours are between 2-4pm every day. Other hours we will answer when we’re available.

Opening hours

Mon-Tue 11am-5pm**
Wed–Thu 11am–9pm
Fri–Sat 11am–11pm
Sun 11am-7pm

**After 5 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays the VR center is open only for bookings of larger events and conferences.

Opening hours

22-23/6, 24/12, 1/1 (Closed)
25/12 (Open 11am-11pm)
26/12 (Open 11am-9pm)
31/12 (Open 11am-4pm)