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Adventure in Saturn’s rings or save the world from mummies – new virtual reality center opens in Stockholm

On May 31st, Enterspace VR Center Stockholm is opening in central Stockholm. A completely new type of virtual reality center that offers the latest technology, a bistro & bar, and experiences beyond what has previously been available in Sweden. In six different rooms you can do everything from adventuring into space, to saving the world from mummies.

Now there is new VR center opening that offers experiences for everyone who wants to enter a new reality. In between traveling to other worlds, you can enjoy food and drinks together with friends or colleagues. With 900 square meters and two floors, the center is a VR Park as well as a bistro and bar.

”Enterspace VR Center Stockholm is for everyone. We offer a complete concept where visitors can experience VR of high quality, but also eat and drink. A fun and social hub where friends and colleagues can do something completely new together, but also stay and talk about their experiences,” says Sara Strömgren, Head of Visitor Experiences at Enterspace.

The VR Park offers a range of interactive VR experiences for 1-4 persons, where you choose anything from going on an adventure in Saturn’s rings, challenge your enemies as the legendary assassin John Wick, or defeating the mummy in an iconic scene from the movie The Mummy. Through unique technology, you can see and interact with up to four players in the virtual world in the experiences Ringwalker and The Raft.

”We strive to offer something for all people of ages and tastes, and we also place great emphasis on hospitality. You can come to us and experience VR even if you don’t have previous experience with the technology or the gaming world. We want everyone to feel welcome and cared for,” Sara says.

The center will continuously be updating the experiences to always have something new and exciting for visitors to try out. Experiences will soon also be offered in the center’s VR cinema. Ticket sales will start at the homepage on May 18th.