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Bring the kids to a hauntingly fun Halloween celebration!

On Saturday November 3rd we celebrate Halloween all the way at Enterspace VR Center! We’ll decorate the whole center, ourselves and offer fun VR experiences in a unique Halloween package. Between 12pm-3pm we’re open for kids of ages 8-13 years, offering a Halloween buffet, a range of fun VR experiences, ghost hunt, music and a dress-up competition. But you’d better hurry, tickets are limited.

When: Saturday, November 3rd

Time: Drop-in between 12pm – 3pm (pre-booking required)

Ticket price: 250 SEK/person (limited spots). The ticket includes:

  • A special Halloween buffet, incl. beverage
  • A fun event with music, ghost hunt, and dress-up competition
  • Free access to the VR Park:

Important info: One adult’s attendance is required for all groups, as well as one parent’s written consent for all children between ages 8-13. The latter can be arranged in advance if the parent cannot attend. Adults’ admission is free, and the same applies to younger siblings that can join but not part-take in the VR experiences. Buffet-only can be purchased on-site for a cost of 100 SEK for adults and 50 SEK for children. Please note that we cannot guarantee that everyone will get to experience all the VR titles during the event, but with limited seats we strive for everyone to be able to play as much as possible.

Costumes: Optional but recommended!

Last day for tickets purchase/booking: October 27th, or until tickets are sold out.

You can also pre-order via email at