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Enterspace to open Sweden’s largest VR centre in Stockholm

enterspace vr center stockholm skyltfönster

Swedish virtual reality (VR) company Enterspace, a company within the Starbreeze Group, has confirmed it will open a new VR centre in Stockholm in the fall of 2017. The 900-square meter debut Enterspace VR centre will include both VR experiences and a dedicated café bar.

Enterspace promises high quality VR experiences and an inspiring meeting place for visitors to socialize before or after an experience – a place for those with curious minds to sample an entirely new form of entertainment, presented with VR technologies unavailable at home.

Enterspace Stockholm will feature VR ‘pods’ where visitors move around freely inside. Within the ‘pods’, visitors wear lightweight, wireless backpacks which work with motion and tracking sensors for a truly unique, interactive group experience. The centre will also offer seated VR theatre experiences as a compliment to the ‘pods’.

The recent acquisition of Enterspace by Starbreeze means that all experiences are being successively developed with, and featuring the use of, Starbreeze StarVR® headsets. The development will continue throughout the Fall.

“We offer the best VR technology available today – but technology is only our means. It’s the experience that’s our focus. Every VR experience we create will make a lasting impression on the visitor – whether it’s thought, a discovery or a feeling. We’re creating true experience centres” explains Staffan Klashed, CEO at Enterspace.

The VR centre in Stockholm will open with Enterspace’s debut experience Ringwalker™, a futuristic space adventure where the visitors will be able to see and interact with others inside the pod and the virtual world. Enterspace develops its signature experiences in-house and will within a near future also be able to offer VR titles from its parent company Starbreeze.

“We’ve always aimed to create a concept that doesn’t exclusively appeal to a specific age group or those who have an interest in technology. Our VR centres and experiences are for people of all ages with curious minds – whether they’re families or friends who want to try something new and have a drink or some food before or after the experience. Enterspace is a social experience, both in the virtual and the real world” says Staffan.


About Ringwalker™

Ringwalker is a futuristic space adventure where a thoughtful story is spiced with impressive views, unexpected twists and inspirational science. It is the first experience that takes place in Enterspace’s own universe, a place created by combining scientific visualization with artistic effects to give a picture of what the future might hold.

Ringwalker is an interactive, multi-user VR experience. Visitors will be able to see and interact with others, in addition to interact with real-life objects that work with the virtual experience. For more information, please visit

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