Fight for your freedom!

Fight for your freedom atop a towering building while battling bots high above the city Streets. You are Big Mike, a massive weaponized cybernetic Ape, whose creator, the APE-X Program, desperately wants back!


Fight for your freedom!

The APE-X experience starts at the very top of a high rise building in the middle of a busy modern city. You are playing the part of big Mike, a weaponized cyber Ape on the run from the lab who created you.

You’ve been set free by Dr. Plant a rogue scientist and now the only thing standing between you and freedom is an automated army of drones led by an unstable sentient robot. You need to survive long enough for Dr. Plant to come pick you up.

With 360º of mobility around the peak of the high rise, keep your wits and shuffle around the building's ledge to avoid falling. You will need to defend yourself and discover the full extent of your capabilities in Big Mike’s cybernetic body as you shoot, blast and swat drones out of the sky.

Bookings can be made via our website for smaller groups, otherwise you can make bookings via email or phone. We also take drop-ins upon availability.


Price: 149 SEK / person
Genre: Action / High Altitude / Survival Shooter
Number of players: 1
Length: 8 mins
Headset: HTC Vive
Props: Controllers
Age Recommendation: 8+ (parent's written consent needed for ages 8-13, as well as one adult's attendance)

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