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Enterspace VR Center Stockholm: An update from us

During the fall we have worked hard with all aspects of our new VR center at Sveavägen 14 in Stockholm, with the goal to build the best destination for VR in the Nordics. Enterspace VR Center Stockholm will soon be able to offer interactive, premium VR along with a cozy bistro and bar.

There have been many questions coming our way and much interest in the opening date, which makes us very happy and excited. Stockholm surely is ready for a new type of entertainment! We’re now fine-tuning the last pieces and Enterspace Stockholm will therefore open after the turn of the year. We’ll get back shortly with an opening date and information on when to expect sales of tickets, gift cards and conference packages.


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It is with great pride that we release a teaser trailer for our VR adventure Ringwalker today – the first experience that will be launched at Enterspace Stockholm.


About Enterspace VR Center Stockholm

Enterspace VR Center Stockholm will open at Sveavägen 14 in the heart of Sweden’s capital city with a large VR park area and a bistro and bar open to the public, which will make up the full VR center experience. The VR park will offer interactive and wireless VR for 1-4 users in specially designed rooms, as well as an additional seated VR experience. Spread across 900 square meters, with a full entertainment concept and advanced VR technologies, Enterspace Stockholm is set to become the largest VR center and the first of its kind in the Nordic region.